Air Space Has Landed on the Runway in Khao Takiab and the Doors are Open

Air Space Has Landed on the Runway in Khao Takiab and the Doors are Open
Air Space Has Landed on the Runway in Khao Takiab and the Doors are Open

The glasshouse barn-like space with the full scale replica of the world’s first aircraft, the 1903 Wright Flyer hanging from the ceiling, sets the scene.

Air Space actually includes three ‘Space’s; The Café, The Restaurant, and The Outdoor Garden. The Café offers an all-day Western menu, including breakfast and coffee. The coffee bar features coffee beans from Chiang Mai, as well as a selection of nine distinctive coffee tastes including beans from Kenya, Honduras and Nicaragua. The signature coffee is “deconstructed latte,” served in champagne glasses. Customers are encouraged to take a shot of espresso, a small glass of warm milk, a glass of café latte, a glass of sparkling water and a bite of homemade pastry. The Restaurant offers seafood and Thai cuisine.

The must-try appetiser is “miang som o” (herbed pomelo salad with grilled shrimps on deep fried wild betel leaves). For main dishes, stir fried crab meat with herbs and paprika, deep fried sea bass topped with Thai style spicy sauce, and roasted duck with red curry and fresh fruits are highly recommended. Finishing off the meal with iced ladcheag in coconut milk with cantaloupe, black sticky rice, and homemade popped rice would be a nice way to sweeten the rest of the day. The Outdoor Garden offers a full bar list, including the Thai herbal drinks – “naree rumpueng” and “mah kratueb rong.”

Highlights include seven aviation-themed cocktails, including “steward” and “black box.” The Steward is a blend of whisky and fresh coconut water. The taste reflects the steward’s character; aggressively charming. The very first sip brings a strong taste of whisky, yet the after taste is soft, creamy, and freshly sweet from coconut water. A black box, as its name suggests is served in a black box. Order it next time you are at Air Space to reveal what is hidden inside. Live music is provided from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM on Monday to Thursday, and from 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM on Friday to Sunday.

For further information: Call 063-916-0999 or see,
Address: 12/399 Hua Dorn, Nong Kae (Khao Takiab)