Bakery Terrace Hua Hin; Where Family & Friends Get Together

Bakery Terrace Hua Hin; Where Family & Friends Get Together
Bakery Terrace Hua Hin; Where Family & Friends Get Together

Hua Hin’s Bakery Terrace is renowned for home baked sweet delights, Khun Dang (Unchalee Wongkhalaung) takes care of that part of the business. She’s the real baker with more than 20 years’ experience. But there’s much more to then Bakery Terrace than that!

Khun Lek (Apivan Wongkhalaung) is Khun Dang’s sister and she is in charge of the kitchen. That means breakfasts, lunches and especially Thai food is on offer from eight AM every day. But there’s also much more to the Bakery Terrace than that. I mentioned to a friend of mine that I was heading to the Bakery Terrace and the reaction was immediate. “That’s my favourite place for dinner” she said. They really need to let people know that this is a great place to head for a casual meal. It’s not just a bakery, the food is so good and the prices are so reasonable.”

That sort of recommendation is always the best way to discover new places to eat. The extensive menu certainly offers all the Thai favourites you would expect with seafood specialties but casual and simple European items are also there to ensure that no one will be disappointed.
However one of the most popular ways that diners get to know the delights of the Bakery Terrace is when they are a part of a

group, maybe at a family gathering or corporate occasion.

This is because apart from the cuisine, a private area can be booked, either indoors or on the external terrace within a restful garden setting. The surrounds are unlike a resort or five star restaurant; so much more relaxed. You’ll be
surrounded by quirky artwork and colorful displays courtesy of Khun Dang’s daughter who is now studying graphic art at UCLA in the USA. The surrounds are bound to be a conversation starter, adding a unique character and style to any gathering. Families can relax knowing kids don’t have to sit still if they become restless. There are outside grassed areas to explore as well as games to play. The young ones will enjoy the experience as much as the rest of the family. Entertaining the family away from home can be an expensive exercise but not at Bakery Terrace. A catered occasion with a selection of five different dishes can be arranged for a more than reasonable 250 – 300 THB per person. You can expand the range or just choose finger food; it’s always up to you.

But don’t forget the sweet options to allow Khun Dang the opportunity to demonstrate her particular skills. If the occasion calls for a special cake (or cakes), Bakery Terrace can custom make all shapes and sizes for your design to grace celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries and the like. There’s a culinary artist in the family who creates decorative cake ‘portraits’ to order; unique 3 D presentations. Your own cupcake design can also be made to order for either in-house or to take away and surprise guests at home. Bakery Terrace Family Restaurant combines the best ingredients of atmosphere, visual attractions and individuality as an alternative to the mainstream. This is the place for your family and friends to adopt as a ‘home away from home.’ Where: Soi 37 is alongside Golden Place. Bakery Terrace is 100 metres down the soi away from Phetchakasim Road. It has easy access with door front parking.

Open: Everyday 8 AM to 9 PM, or later by arrangement.
Contact: Phone 09 9251 1312