Italian Cooking With Paola

Italian Cooking With Paola
Italian CItalian Cooking With Paolaooking With Paola

First an introduction from Paola: “My name is Paola and I’m Italian although I have been leaving in Hua Hin from almost nine years. Cooking has always been a hobby and a passion for me having learnt from my mother and some other relatives the real and traditional Italian way to cook. The recipes I will show you come from the old Italian tradition of my family over many generations. My home town of Venice is the origin of these dishes, so I will let you know some typical dishes of this beautiful and charming place which are not so well known abroad. This month I will show you how to cook a Venetian pasta dish; “I Bigoi in Salsa”.

The Bigoi pasta was created in 1604 by a pasta maker from Verona; Bartolomio Veronese. The sauce is derived from the need to combine the carbohydrates of the pasta, necessary for sustenance, and protein, especially sardines, which could be found in the ocean’s inexpensive supermarket from the lagoon of Venice. According to tradition, this dish is consumed on the eve of special religious days such as Christmas and Easter. I hope you will be pleased with this recipe and enjoy the “Bigoi in Salsa” (bucatini with anchovies).

Ingredients for 4 persons 320gr. of bucatini (a thick spaghetti-like pasta with a hole running through the centre) 1 onion cooking salt black pepper extra vergin olive oil dry white wine anchovies a stick of butter Start by preparing the sauce: Chop thinly an onion and stir fry in a saucepan with extra virgin olive oil until it becomes golden.  Add the anchovies cut into small pieces without their oil together with a little amount of black pepper and dry white wine.

Stir fry for about 5 minutes until the wine evaporates. To make the sauce creamier, you might add a stick of butter. Meanwhile fill with a pot with water and boil, then add a little cooking salt and let it dissolve. I suggest you only about 3 teaspoons of cooking salt because the anchovies are already slightly salted. Add the bucatini and cook according to the cooking time indicated in the pack. I suggest you to remove the pasta from the water least two minutes before the suggested cooking time. Pour the pasta in the saucepan and mix together…. and now; buon appetito!!