Laksasubha; Where Tradition Meets Modernity


When a resort in Hua Hin has a choice location with an ocean frontage adjacent to the iconic ‘stone head’ of Hua Hin, the chances are there’s a link with Thailand’s royal history.

Laksasubha Hua Hin is no exception to that suggestion with the current ownership and management as living proof. Last month ML (Mom) Laksasubha Kridakon, the owner and General Manager with her octogenarian mother welcomed valued customers and guests to celebrate the reopening of the resort’s beachside restaurant. Khun Mom is the great granddaughter of Prince Nares, one of the founders of Hua Hin as a royal retreat in the 1870’s, who established the original property where the resort now stands. The resort opened in 2007 after being a family holiday home well remembered from Khun Mom’s own childhood Rebadged as the Rim Talay; the restaurant has been modernised and returned to its previous blue and white colours. The restaurant now has a Mediterranean feel just steps away from the beach. Mid-August will see the next stage of renovations completed to the resort beach bar situated equally close to the ocean and a stroll away from one of the resort’s swimming pools. The Laksasuhba Resort has the most iconic Hua Hin ocean outlook where the Rim Talay now offers a new menu and modern features; but where the feel of Hua Hin from times gone by can be experienced and understood.