Nik Crystallized by SWAROVSKI

Nik Crystallized by SWAROVSKI
Nik Crystallized by SWAROVSKI

Phanutsarom Khumgit, is usually known as ‘Nikki’ or maybe just ‘Nik’. She has a tale to tell, from beauty queen to Swarovski crystal queen. This is the story of her journey in her own words.

“Back in the days when I used to hear from many people that a beauty pageant is not for tanned skin girls like me, if I believed those word, I would not be able to stand here with the title of runner up Miss Thailand World 2006. I represented my proud country Thailand in two international beauty pageants, Miss International 2009 and Miss Globe International 2010. Not a day passes by that I am not thankful for all the experiences that I have been given.

Being able to work with so many designers in and out of Thailand built my love of fashion and art. One day I was lucky to be able to work with an amazing talented designer with only one arm who made me such a beautiful evening grown. I remember when he dressed me with his gorgeous work of art; he looked at me so proudly and said “this make me so happy”. I thought why can’t I create my own happiness as well? I was blessed with the chance to visited so many interesting countries and make so many new incredible friend during my trips.

One of them is an official distribution partner of SWAROVSKI, who invited me to visit his office. The place was full of pretty stuff and of course a ton of gorgeous crystal.   My mind was blown away and couldn’t stop myself from playing around with all the jewelry. The place made me so happy and fully alive. Since then I just kept thinking “what if” this is the sign for me to start some new venture of my life. I felt so much joy when I was there, so I decided to take a new fun chance with my first collection of “NIK Crystallized by SWAROVSKI”. Minimalist, simple and classy is my inspiration. I’m so proud to present this with my brand because I think beautiful delicate jewelry is so timeless. Being able to mix and match with all kinds of outfits, both day and night, is such a perfect combo. I want women who purchase my jewelry to feel amazingly great for a very affordable price. I know the road to building a new jewelry brand is quite crazy and hard but I believe that if you think big, you get big.”

Contact: Telephone 089 65 69321
Facebook: nikandswarovski
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Line ID: nikkimesale