Some Valentines Kids’ Snacks

Some Valentines Kids’ Snacks
Some Valentines Kids’ Snacks

Valentine Robot Snacks for Kids to

Valentine’s Day is almost here and that means its time to start bringing in snacks for kids classroom parties! Here are some awesome robots that you can make out of a juice box and other goodies! You can even make these for other occasions too such as birthday parties! For a healthier alternative use little raisin boxes for the feet, organic juice boxes and applesauce for the head!

Valentines Day Apples

Valentines Day is coming up!  Last year I showed you a cute way to make use of your heart shaped cookie cutter in this Valentines Day Snack.  This year, I have more cute little treats coming up for you soon, but first I’d like to show you a healthy Valentines Day snack.

Valentine Snack Mix

We love a good snack mix!  This Valentine Snack Mix is a sweet treat that is just healthy enough that you can feel good about giving it to your kids.  A little chocolate never hurt anyone, right?

Sweet & Salty Popcorn

You love sweet. He loves salty. If only there were an easy Valentine’s snack recipe to please you both. Oh wait there is ;)! It’s called a delicious Melt Your Heart Valentine’s Popcorn recipe that combines both sweet and salty flavors for a romantically delicious treat you can both enjoy while you snuggle up to view your favorite movie.