Hua Hin City FC Reborn; a New Management Team For a New Future

Hua Hin City FC Reborn; a New Management Team For a New Future
Hua Hin City FC Reborn; a New Management Team For a New Future

There have been some big developments on the local football scene and the future is looking bright for the Hua Hin City Football Club. New management, new sponsorship, new supporter friendly arrangements and new players coming suggest that the days of confusion and disappointment are in the past. Hua Hin City was founded in 2011 with the Club currently playing in  Thai League 4  Western region. However all those connected with the Club are optimistic that progression to higher divisions and becoming a much more prominent force in the Thailand football scene is awaiting. The ‘Dream Bigger’ mantra about to be realised.

The management team is seeking to unify the Club under a European style but multinational management team adopting a sports strategy based on professional experience and a financial strategy based on innovative business and marketing with a strong brand identity. New Sponsorship

From the President: “We want to put you at the heart of our ambitions for the club and for you to share in this fantastic opportunity, taking you with us on this fabulous new venture. With the new Hua Hin City FC you participate in a venture which is as much about the sport of football as it is about football’s role in the social network of Hua Hin.” Exposure to businesses is on offer with billboards at the Khao Takiab ground, the team kit as well as an increased variety of events, promotion and merchandise. The new Hua Hin City supporter’s shop and office opened in May is now the focus for Club merchandise sales, information and Club Secretary Khun Kaew’s new base.

New Supporter Friendly Arrangements From the President: “We will create a dynamic club for fans, making people fall in love with local football once again.” There’s a vision from Club supporter Mayor, Nopporn Wutthikul for the Club colours to be seen on the streets of Hua Hin each home game day as pride in the Club grows. There’s already been consultation with fans about how improvements can be made to ensure that supporting local football is as enjoyable and satisfying as possible. To encourage supporters back to home matches, until the end of the season FREE ADMISSION to all home games is now offered. One condition is that supporters need to wear a Hua Hin City FC shirt carrying the club’s logo.

A free supporter’s bus to away matches for the rest of the season is now available. The luxury bus has a capacity of 50 with seats allocated on a first come, first served basis.
There’s also a new cheer leader team!
Ready to welcome new supporters New Players Director Francis has moved quickly to secure the services of around 25 new players for a rejuvenated playing list based in Hua Hin which will become available for the second half of the current season from 17th June.

Francis is also managing the ‘2 touch Soccer School’ for football education, sports activities and events for children aged 4 to 14 with coaching by ex-professional players and experienced teachers. Francis hails from Ghana and has a lifetime of football experience, coaching since retiring from professional play in Thailand in 2010.