Racing to the Giant Squid


At the end of the Cha-Am fishing harbour pier stand a pair of giant squid. This is a landmark that the Sailing Club Hua Hin uses as the half way mark for a major summer racing event.

A full fleet of Lasers set out on this distance race to the Giant Squid; a distance of around 10 kilometres each way. The winner Bangpan, representing the Royal Varuna Yacht Club of Pattaya, took 2 hours 30 minutes to complete the course. A laser 4-7 on the return leg Sailing is a family sport at the Sailing Club Hua Hin. Principal Richard Vine is an experienced tutor who can arrange lessons to get anyone started with a fleet of lasers and optis at the Club available for all ages in a friendly and safe atmosphere. About the Sailing Club Hua Hin Location: 851/3 Suan Son Loi Road, Cha-Am, Phetchaburi Phone: 087 888 7565 For more information see: