‘Rhodes Rules School’ Questions & Answers

Golf ‘Rhodes Rules School’ Questions & Answers
Golf ‘Rhodes Rules School’ Questions & Answers

For golfers of all abilities who wish to improve their knowledge and understanding of the Rules of Golf; provided by Rules guru and author Barry Rhodes.  

Each month 5 new Questions & Answers will be shown; here are numbers 26 – 30.

Question 26

In taking relief from a water hazard a player need not proceed with the ball that entered the hazard. True or False?


True. Rule 26-1. Note: Even if the player retrieves his original ball from the water hazard he may still substitute a different ball.

Question 27

A ball may be replaced during play of a hole if it is visibly cut or cracked. True or False?


True. Rule 5-3. Note: A ball is unfit for play if it is visibly cut, cracked or out of shape. The player must follow the procedure in Rule 5-3 to replace it.

Question 28

When dropping a ball at the nearest point of relief from interference by an immovable obstruction, it may never be played from a point that is nearer to the hole than where it originally came to rest. True or False?


True. Definition of Nearest Point of Relief. Note: The nearest point of relief is the point on the course nearest to where the ball lies that is not nearer the hole, and where, if the ball were so positioned, no interference by the condition from which relief is sought would exist, for the stroke the player would have made from the original position if the condition were not there.

Question 29

The ball may only be struck at with the head of the club. True or False?


True. Rule 14-1a. Note: The ball must be fairly struck at with the head of the club and must not be pushed, scraped or spooned.

Question 30

In match play, If Maria plays when her opponent, Rita, should have played, Rita may ask her to take back her ball and play again in turn. True or False?


True. Rule 10-1c. Note: Rita may let the stroke stand or require Maria to cancel the stroke so made and, when it is her turn, play a ball as nearly as possible at the spot at which the original ball was last played. The above content has been provided to Hua Hin Today by Barry Rhodes ©2016 and may not be copied without permission.

The answers to the questions have been referenced to the Rules of Golf 2016 ©2015 and the Decisions on the Rules of Golf 20162017 ©2015, as approved by R&A Rules Limited and The United States Golf Association. The answers do not carry the official approval of the R&A or USGA.

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