‘Rhodes Rules School’ Questions & Answers

‘Rhodes Rules School’ Questions & Answers
‘Rhodes Rules School’ Questions & Answers

For golfers of all abilities who wish to improve their knowledge and understanding of the Rules of Golf; provided by Rules guru and author Barry Rhodes. Each month 5 new Questions & Answers will be shown; here are numbers 31-35


Question 31 A coin used to mark the position of a ball is part of the player’s equipment. True or False?
Answer: False. Definition of Equipment. Note: Any small object used to mark a ball is specifically excluded in the definition of equipment.

Question 32 A drive rebounds off a tree back to a position at rest within the same teeing ground. The player may re-tee his ball without penalty. True or False?
Answer: False. Decision 18-2a/2. Note: Once a stroke is made it is in play and cannot be re-teed.

Question 33 A player may remove a loose impediment lying out of bounds that interferes with his stance. True or False?
Answer: True. Decision 23-1/9.

Question 34 A player putts his ball from the fringe of the putting green and it strikes the unattended flagstick in the hole. In stroke play, there is a penalty of two strokes. True or False?
Answer: False. Rule 17-3. Note: If a ball struck from anywhere off the putting green hits the flagstick there is no penalty, providing the flagstick is not being attended, removed or held up.

Question 35 A ball dropped under the Rules for the first time does not have to be re-dropped if it rolls and comes to rest nearer the hole than its original position. True or False?
Answer: False. Rule 20-2c(vii). Note: A ball must be re-dropped, without penalty, if it rolls and comes to rest nearer the hole than its original position or estimated position (see Rule 20-2b) unless otherwise permitted by the Rules. The above content has been provided to Hua Hin Today by Barry Rhodes ©2016 and may not be copied without permission.

The answers to the questions have been referenced to the Rules of Golf 2016 ©2015 and the Decisions on the Rules of Golf 20162017 ©2015, as approved by R&A Rules Limited and The United States Golf Association. The answers do not carry the official approval of the R&A or USGA.  Check out www.barryrhodes.com