The Football Confederation Cup; Bigger than the World Cup?


Teams from nineteen Hua Hin and Cha-Am resorts and hotels will be putting their best foot forward at the 24th annual Football Confederation Cup commencing this month as a very festive sporting occasion.

There will be 20 teams representing every hotel in Hua Hin and Cha-Am big enough to present a team. At the introductory press conference, Christian Wurm, the General Manager of the Hyatt Regency, cohosts of the event with the Chiva Som said “this football tournament is probably bigger than the World Cup”. As a German national, the event is bound to be much bigger for him! The opening match of the competition on August 9th (around noon) will feature a mixed celebrity team which includes show business stars as well as a number of Resort General Managers. This is probably the most spectacular football event in Hua Hin with float parades, mascots, marching bands and an enthusiastic crowd which is likely to include many civic leaders and celebrities. The competition concludes on 13th September, the venue is the Khao Takiab Football stadium. Hyatt GM Christian is mooted as a goalkeeper of note whilst Sheraton GM Bruce Dupuis was last year’s stand-out VIP player with a spectacular goal assist despite his sporting background being more about ice hockey than football. The pundits are suggesting that this year he will score a goal score, not just an assist. Winning the Federation Cup is certainly a matter of pride with some bragging rights to the winning hotel. They may also have to undergo some scrutiny just in case any recent ‘casual’ employees also play for the Hua Hin City Football Club! However this is another example of the friendly spirit between the region’s hotels as an elaborate and spectacular good oldfashioned team building exercise.