A Capsicum A Day Helps Keep The Doctor Away

A Capsicum A Day Helps Keep The Doctor Away
A Capsicum A Day Helps Keep The Doctor Away

As studies show, capsicum is beneficial as a daily health supplement Capsicum is enjoyed by many as a daily food additive in many types of cooking.

Culinary preparation of the capsicum peppers may provide enough protection when eaten daily to have beneficial effects on certain chronic and potentially degenerative health conditions. The bioactive components of capsicum work together improving blood flow, as a cancer preventive, an analgesic, protecting the gastric mucosa, and providing necessary nutrients beneficial to a healthy lifestyle.
Capsicum comes in dried form as a spice as chili pepper and paprika.

The dried spice is used in many sauces, or added to beverages such as tea. Dried capsicum may be found in whole dried peppers, as a single spice or in dried spice blends. As a more concentrated medicinal, capsicum may be placed in capsule for oral ingestion as a nutraceutical or applied topically to the skin as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory cream.

With capsicum chili’s readily available for sale in many markets; it should be considered that though the dried spice is convenient and effective in its health benefits, eating the fresh capsicum chili provides for higher concentration of vitamin C and vitamin A.  Since these vitamins are essential for a healthy body. Eating the fresh chili may improve the health benefits gained from capsicum’s bioactive components and is highly recommended. All capsicum chilis contain beneficial vitamins and bioactive components. However, another consideration to make, when purchasing capsicum chili is “what benefits are you are seeking?”

All chili peppers contain both vitamins and other beneficial bioactive components. Yet, the colour of the pepper is which is determinative of stage of growth when harvested is also determinative of concentration of vitamins and other beneficial phyto chemicals. Overall, is can be said that whether used dried or fresh, capsicum chili is food as medicine and beneficial to use in everyday diet as both a natural preventive and treatment of many chronic conditions.