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Cost of Living in Hua Hin

Thailand is one of the lowest cost places in the world to live for expatriates. Thai government assesses most expats when they set up their retirement or work visas as needing an income of only 60,000 baht per month.

One of the big favors of living in Hua Hin is the low cost of living. However, it is advised to look for good quality rather than prices since it concerns your health. As for home living expenses, air-conditioning takes a lot of electricity. Using it around the clock will set you back about 5,000 baht.

True Vision cable TV costs 1,500 baht for the standard package. ADSL broadband is between 600-1,500 baht per month.

There are really a lot of restaurants in Hua Hin, both cheap and fancy establishments. It is possible to have a decent two-course meal, excluding drinks, for only between 150 and 250 baht. Though Eating a lot of the time at home is advised.

There is no need to own a private car in Hua Hin. Tuk Tuks and Taxis are cheap and cost starts from 100Baht for a trip within Hua Hin. Petrol cost 40 - 50Baht per litre. Labor costs in Hua Hin are low. Thai government has a policy of keeping wages low. It is quite cheap to hire people to do DIY jobs, repair, gardeners or maids.

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