Employers Warned of Consequences for Illegal Migrant Employment

Employers Warned of Consequences for Illegal Migrant Employment
Employers Warned of Consequences for Illegal Migrant Employment

The Prachuap Khirikhan Provincial Employment Office has informed employers and employees on legal consequences from hiring illegal migrant workers ahead of a province wide inspection to commence on 1st July.

Prachuap Khirikhan Provincial Employment Official, Thanakorn Narawuttipat, said the office is working to communicate to employers and workplaces in the province on legal consequence that follows the employment of illegal migrants according to the Migrant Workers Management Act BE 2560.

The communication was made through meeting holding, distributing flyers, putting information on the office’s website, and collaborating with local radio stations and newspaper to help publicise the issue. He said the officials will from 1st July, begin inspections at all workplaces in the province, with any illegal migrant found working resulting in 5,000-50,000 THB fine, deportation, and a 2-year employment ban in Thailand starting from the arrest date.

Employers responsible will face 10,000- 100,000 THB fine for each illegal immigrant, with up to 1-year imprisonment for repeated offenders, or 50,000-200,000 THB fine, or both, and a 3-year ban from hiring migrant workers. The provincial employment official said the province had so far processed work permit to some 21,000 migrant workers from Cambodia, Myanmar, and Laos who have passed through nationality verification and visa registration, allowing them to legally work and stay in Thailand.