Kennel Expansion Paws-ability

Kennel Expansion Paws-ability
Kennel Expansion Paws-ability

Rescue Paws, a non-profit organisation focused on improving the lives and controlling the population of dogs living on the street in Hua Hin and surrounding areas, is expanding and needs your help.

Rescue Paws provides basic necessities like food, healthcare, and attention to street dogs. They also strive to control the population of homeless dogs through sterilisation, and via education in schools and within the community. Volunteer teams go into the field to administer parasite treatment, provide wound care and vaccinations, and befriend dogs that are then brought to their facility for sterilisation.

The plan is basically catch, sterilise and release in an effort to see the number of stray dogs diminish in the coming years. Adoption is also a focus by finding dogs loving new homes. Rescue Paws currently has 12 kennels, but no recovery area or adoption zone. Creating a recovery area and adoption zone allows the kennel space to be used for more dogs to be sterilised.

The plan is to double the number of kennels and build a clinic to provide at least 1,000 sterilisations over the next two years. Relying heavily on donations, the organisation is reaching out to the public to help fund this expansion project. Open houses at the facility are being planned, volunteers are always welcome, and fundraising projects are in the works. The big push right now in order to realise the expansion goals, is financial contributions.

The organisation hopes to raise 1 million THB in the coming months. At the same time, food, collars, toys, towels and pharmaceuticals are always accepted. The non-profit organisation founded by The Global Work & Travel Co. (based in Australia) and XploreAsia (based in Thailand) was initially a dog feeding program that has grown into a true animal rescue centre. If you would like to make a donation, visit their website (http://rescuepawsasia. org/donation) and follow the simple guidelines.