Off-beat Holidays For May

Off-beat Holidays For May
Off-beat Holidays For May

Here is countdown of May’s slightly off-beat holidays

3rd May Hug Your Cat Day

Hug your cats on this Hug Your Cat Day. Even though cats may not be naturally friendly creatures, they need some loving too! Shower them with hugs! ‘It’s Hug Your Cat Day’ Sir!

6th May No Homework Day

Just the days all the students have been waiting for. How good can it feel not having to do any homework or being instructed to do so. Even if the teachers and parents ask, you can tell in honestly that you haven’t done any and can get away with it.

9th May National Lost Sock Memorial Day

Quite often a sock is lost and even Mother the best finder of lost goods in the house in this entire world can’t find it. May be it is time to let go, set the sock free, and may be its time to buy a new pair! It’s too painful to watch this gathering, set them free I beg you!

14th May Dance Like a Chicken Day

The term Chicken Dance didn’t become famous for no reason. If you are feeling ‘chicken-ny’ shake your chicken moves like it’s the most natural thing in the world, and blame it all on Dance Like a Chicken Day. If people question your moves or even side-eye you, be a human chicken!

20th May National Pizza Party Day

The day couldn’t be any better for all the Pizza lovers, not only pizza but also to party! I Say Pizza you say party, pizza pizza party party!!

22nd May Buy a Musical Instrument Day

Don’t know how to play violin? Buy it anyway, who knows you are just waiting for your inner Beethoven to be unleashed once you set your hands on your violin! Even if it doesn’t, buy it anyway or any other musical instrument!

30th May My Bucket’s Got a Hole in it Day

Mistakes are humanly traits, whether we intend to or not, we make mistakes quite often. In this ‘My Bucket Got a Hole in it Day’ put a positive spin on the matter and take the day to reflect on how things could be worse. It all gets better from there I promise! hite lie, or ‘lie-l