Pulling & Preserving Crabs in Cha Am

Pulling & Preserving Crabs in Cha Am
Pulling & Preserving Crabs in Cha Am

The 6th annual Cha-Am Crab Festival (Chim Poo Chuk @ Cha-Am) will be held this month from 12th to 18th March.
This is the high season for catching blue crab in Cha-Am and food enthusiasts are invited to join this festival on Cha-Am beach.

The event is being organised by ChaAm Municipality, Singha Corporation and Tourism Authority Thailand Phetchaburi office. Cha-Am mayor, Mr Nukool Pornsomboonsiri, said the event will help promote local crab fishing, as well as the importance of crab conservation. Those who attend the festival can enjoy freshly cooked crab and live music from different musicians each night of the event.

The Festival’s objectives are to promote local tourism, preserve the local fishermen’s way of life, and encourage people to help in the conservation of blue crabs. The Cha-Am Municipality regularly gives baby blue crabs to local fishermen to release them into the sea in order to help promote the conservation of the traditional crab catching method.

It also supports the fishing communities’ blue crab banks where crab eggs are deposited for raising until baby crabs are born, then after growing to a certain size they are released into the sea. The main hub of the festival will be centred at the Cha-Am viewpoint, on Ruamchit Road where the main stage will be erected and where you will also find a large selection of food stalls. In the centre of the viewpoint there will be plenty of chairs and tables where visitors can settle down for the evening, listening to live music and eating some really tasty seafood.