Stamford International University Hua Hin

Stamford International University Hua Hin
Stamford International University Hua Hin

Stamford International University Hua Hin, together with Employment Office, Blue’ port Department Store and also Job BKK Dot Com Company Ltd. arranged the job market to get graduate students join to work. Last month Pierre Bourgoin, Assistant President of the Phetchaburi campus of Stamford International University, Mr Thanakorn Naravutipan an Employment Officer of Prachuap and also Mr. Tasanai Meuanfan a Vice President of Job BKK Dotcom Ltd. to cooperated altogether opened a job market for the bachelor’s degree level for job applied and there were 30 companies in Thailand to offer more than 3,000 positions, which are both men and women. Mr. Bourgoin said that throughout the past time, the university. Produce students into the labor market both domestically and Internationally.The University has a policy to produce students as follows.

1. International Perspective, which is a form and view of the developed countries such as the United States, England. It is in line with the Thai student lifestyle that will bring about adaptation to the institution’s activities both domestically and internationally.

2. Industry Linkage is the link between the business sectors, which during the study period, that Academician will lecture the actual conditions of each the occupation.

3.Innovative or innovative academic courses and activities for the development of social,economic and technological fields of the labor market.

4.Integrity,ethical responsibility, ethics, which are considered very important. In addition to having the academic ability to be professional, they must be good citizens of the world according to university policy. “When the government wants to bring the country to 4.0, the university is ready to produce students as to the goal of Thailand as well”. Said Mr. Pierre