Stolen Flower Pots to Feed a Drug Habit

Stolen Flower Pots to Feed a Drug Habit
Stolen Flower Pots to Feed a Drug Habit

Lt. Co l . P i tee InNoi, deputy superintendent of Prachuap Khiri Khan police station, along with an investigation team, arrested 41-year-old Sompong Kongsri for burglary in Prachuap city municipality, after information was received about the theft of a flower pot from the front of the house.

Evidence from CCTV cameras captured the moment that Mr. Sompong, lifted the pot plant and loaded it onto his motorcycle and fled. Many residents in neighboring areas have also reported that potted plants in front of their house and other property had been stolen.

After examining CCTV cameras, the appearance of the images were consistent with those who had been arrested for drug addiction and drug trafficking. The accused confessed and to said that he was jobless and had been induced by a friend to ride on a motorcycle and steal anything that could be exchanged for money. The flowerpots had been sold to a monk at the temple in exchange for cash of about 100 to 200 THB per pot.

The monk was unaware that the goods had been stolen. The money obtained from previous thefts had been used to buy drugs but had all been exhausted. They discovered that it is very easy to steal flowerpots as a source of income. The police charged the offender with theft and after drug testing him, the prosecutor’s office was informed. A further offender is being pursued.