Warren Shaw’s Legacy to Education in Hua Hin

Warren Shaw’s Legacy to Education in Hua Hin
Warren Shaw’s Legacy to Education in Hua Hin

Warren Shaw (AKA Waz) was a highly respected and fondly remembered university lecturer in Hua Hin. Warren was the Lead Lecturer of the Laureate English Program at Stamford International University. After succumbing to cancer in 2016, the Warren Shaw Memorial Scholarship was set-up to provide Hua Hin students with the chance of a university education.

Following removal of a cancerous mole (malignant melanoma) in 2011, Warren continued an active life as a teacher/trainer in the Cha-Am/Hua Hin communities. Sadly, in July 2016 the cancer returned to his lymph system with widespread lesions of cancer detected. Warren and his wife Teresa decided to return to family in the UK in November, and in December he was admitted to Nottingham City Hospital where he died peacefully with his wife by his side on December 26th. Teresa told Hua Hin Today: “Warren had always been a selfless giver in life, and when he found he could not be an organ donor due to the cancer spreading in his body, he wondered what else he could do. Following some research on the internet, he decided to donate his body for medical education and research to help other people and train future medical professionals”.

Warren donated his body to the UK National Repository in Nottingham (www.nuh.nhs. uk/bodydonation), however, this option is becoming more widely available in Thailand through university medical schools. Both Warren and Teresa had worked in NHS Cancer Care in the UK which helped them to recognize changes in a mole that he had for many years on his upper arm. Teresa urged people to have any skin issues checked in case they are symptoms of cancer saying: “I think a lot of people may have ignored that changing of the mole but because he worked in cancer care and had the awareness, he got it checked out. If he had left it longer, it could have spread five years earlier. Warren had five more happy years in Thailand because he picked it up early.”

Teresa Shaw is now back in Thailand and working to create an ongoing legacy in memory of her husband. She is raising money to establish the Warren Shaw Memorial Scholarship to enable students at the Hua Hin School to pursue a university education. The aim of the Scholarship is to continue Warren’s legacy of supporting education in Thailand. Teresa said: “The support has been fantastic. Friends and family around the world have been sending in donations. A fund raising event in Hua Hin earlier this year raised 40,000 THB.

Events have been held in the UK and Thailand celebrating Warren’s life and fund-raising for the scholarship The next fund raising venture will be with friends and family to run the River Kwai Half Marathon (21 km) or 10km on 10th September. Warren was planning to run the River Kwai Half Marathon in 2016, however, due to his illness he had to withdraw from the race.

Warren Shaw’s dedication to education in Hua Hin has been honoured through the establishment of the memorial scholarship. Teresa has set up a page for the scholarship to update people about fundraising and student selection for the initial scholarship. More information, including the way to make donations can be seen at: www.facebook.com/ warrenshawmemorialscholarship