A Grand Location for a Grand Leisure Marina

A Grand Location for a Grand Leisure Marina
A Grand Location for a Grand Leisure Marina

Our region is regarded by many as a leisure haven. From Pranburi to Cha-Am there is a host of leisure activities available.

We have many luxury resorts, shopping malls, amusement parks, water parks and golf courses. There is amazing natural beauty in abundance and, of course, beaches. However, with the gulf waters and islands beckoning, a coastal marina has long been a missing feature of this leisure landscape. Some nine years ago, Norwegian national Rene Seerup purchased coastal land 30 kilometres south of central Hua Hin between Pranburi and Sam Roi Yot. This was a very special plot of land near to national parks and featuring a natural canal waterway leading to a breakwater and gulf waters.

As someone from a seafaring nation, the opportunity to develop a leisure marina was irresistible to Rene and his vision for the project was formed. After years of planning and the formation of partnerships to provide the necessary technical ability, environmental expertise and financial backing, the Grand Marina Club and Residences project is now a reality. Onsite facilities are under construction with Rene as the co-founder and CEO.

There is also a sales office open in downtown Hua Hin where a show unit and visual presentations offer a taste of things to come. This will be a staged development with a projected five year completion date. The Marina design focuses on water sports and other leisure activities rather than being a ‘boat yard’ for the dry docking and maintenance of marine craft.

Those necessary facilities are already available at the nearby Pranburi ‘Racing Marina’ with a cooperative relationship in place. The project aims to be a family-friendly leisure centre including a designated ‘Kid’s Zone’. As Rene says; “if you keep the kids happy then you also keep the family happy.” The design features extensive boardwalks and retail spaces to give it a ‘Riviera feel’. There are studios through to 3-bedroom condos planned to provide a Scandinavian influence to the 390 units in thirteen 4-storey buildings offering coastal outlooks from their extensive balconies. Rene is eager to promote the Pranburi and Sam Roi Yot area as a growing regional leisure hub with activities such as bicycle riding, kite boarding and other beachside activities.

The Grand Marina won’t be an isolated or secluded precinct but destined to be integrated with the local community, the natural landscape and traditional Thai lifestyle. Our first leisure marina is underway at last!

Grand Marina Club and Residences

Hua Hin Sales Gallery & Show Unit:
Ground Floor alongside the G Resort & Mall, Soi 94
Open: Tuesday to Sunday; 9 AM to 6 PM.
Contact: Phone 032 511 987, Mobile 092 318 2448
Website: www.grandmarinapranburi.com