Russian Arrivals Rebound in 2017

Russian Arrivals Rebound in 2017
Russian Arrivals Rebound in 2017

Russian tourist arrivals to Thailand have continued to rebound in 2017, as the Russian ruble stays stable compared with other world currencies, including  the Thai baht.In short, Russia’s long recession  is officially over, reports Bloomberg.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) office in Moscow does not expect Russian arrivals to the Kingdom to decrease after the success of 2016. Last year, Thailand welcomed more than one million tourists from Russia. The growth of Russian tourist arrivals to Thailand depends on the economic situation in Russia and the strength of the ruble to major world currencies. Right now the number of tourists is growing; in January-February, growth of 33% was recorded. According to Thai Department of Tourism records, January-February 2016 saw 248,947 arrivals to Thailand from Russia. At least one million tourist arrivals from Russia are anticipated in 2017, providing the economic situation in the country remains favorable. To support arrivals growth, the TAT is planning to continue close cooperation with Russian tour companies, including financial and marketing support. In 2017, the TAT also aims to promote various spheres of niche tourism, including segments such as sports, weddings and honeymoons, health and recreation, active and luxury tourism.

The TAT will also promote family tourism, which is the key segment in the Russian market. Thai tourism authorities would like to lure more Russian families to the Eastern seaboard. Russian travel agencies have already announced plans to keep maintain charter flights to Thailand during the green season (May-Oct), thus providing one of the key foundations for affordable tours throughout the year. According to TAT statistics, last year more Russians traveled to Thailand during the green season than before. In 2016, some 68% of Russian tourists visited Thailand in winter and 32% in summer. In 2015, the distribution rate was 90% versus 10%.