28.8 Million THB from Auction of 32 “Beautiful” Phone Numbers

28.8 Million THB from Auction of 32 “Beautiful” Phone Numbers

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) earned 28,844,999 THB from an auction of 32 “beautiful” mobile phone numbers.

Altogether 168 “beautiful” phone numbers were put on public auction – the second this year – but only 32 numbers were auctioned off. The number which fetched the highest bidding price was 095-999-999 at 4.8 million THB followed by 095-666-6666 and 096-000-0000 which fetched three million THB each. The phone numbers with six digits of the same number were auctioned off at a starting price of 500,000 THB with number 092-899-9999 fetching the highest bid at 1,004,999 THB.

No bidders offered bids for phone numbers which have nine digits of similar number whose starting bidding price was 20 million THB and six million THB for numbers which have eight digits of similar number. After deduction of expenses incurred by the auction, revenue from the auction will be handed over by the NBTC to the Finance Ministry.

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