Colin Devonshire: Far Away From Worries in a Thai Paradise


Colin Devonshire could be described as a cheerful though taciturn ‘geezer’. ‘Geezer’ being a rather quaint expression for an Englishman who likes football and a pint.

Colin’s certainly had his share of personal worries; maybe his cheery disposition is because they have been offloaded onto the characters and exploits within his novel; ‘Far Enough Away From Worries’; subtitled ‘How can anyone have so many worries in a Thai paradise?” and to be released in December this year, ‘Worry No More’. Colin is the Hua Hin author who is now receiving well deserved acclaim for the first mentioned of these novels first published in December 2017. There’s also been a children’s book, ‘Na Gah; the Nine headed Snake’ which Colin says he wrote to encourage his children to read. His literary career followed a severe and near fatal stroke suffered in 2012. Prior to that event he was living a very full life; primarily full of sport as a low handicap golfer, footballer and cricketer. One major achievement was to represent Thailand as a wicketkeeper in an international cricket tournament in Nepal. Professionally he was also managing the publication of an English language monthly lifestyle magazine the Hua Hin Observer after being a compositor in his native England. Stroke can be a cruel adversary and in Colin’s case the attack effectively ended his sporting activities and ability to manage the demands of publishing his magazine. It also imposed severe financial and physical burdens; leaving him pondering “what will I do now?” As someone with a vivid imagination and a wealth of experience from living in Hua Hin for over 30 years, the answer came quickly; write a book. Not a self-indulgent auto biography but a fictional work relying on characters he had met and perhaps some of his own misadventures. The dark humour from his first novel revolves around a smorgasbord of intriguing characters; from the good, to the bad and the ugly. In answer to a question about which character may be his alter ego, there’s just a wry smile and a comment that his wife thinks it may be Camilla, a feisty lesbian newspaper reporter whose character is to be developed in his second book. It seems likely that she (his wife) may share his sense of humour! Colin acknowledges his wife and family’s support in his book: “This book is for Boom, my guardian, my nurse, my best friend and more. For my children, who have had to put up with a bad tempered Dad for some months. Thank you.” Apart from the characters, intrigue and humour, long term Hua Hin residents will recognise the descriptions of Hua Hin and surrounds from the 1980’s. They may even recognise some of the characters. Places such as Soi Bintaban, the Railway Hotel (now the Centara), beaches and monkeys will all be familiar. The plot also ventures to Kang Krachan National Park, Prachuab Khiri Khan, Phraya Nakhon Cave and to Bangkok’s Don Muang Airport and Sukhumvit Road. If you are looking for a good reason to turn off the TV or to take the boredom out of a long journey, reading Colin’s novels will also take away your own worries. He could be Hua Hin’s only English language novelist with a new and burgeoning career. As one book reviewer said “A great story line, many compelling characters and a few laughs throw in for good measure; a highly recommended read.” ‘Not Far Enough From Worries’ by Colin Devonshire – available from: Smashwords ebook and distribution platform: view/876680., colindevonshire The paperback version can be obtained directly from Colin; just email