Mingkhwan Wangchitrueng has two nicknames, Khwan (an abbreviation of her first name) and Lek (or small in Thai).  We’ve known her for a number of years and the impression is that ‘Khwan’ is now become the name of choice.

Khwan is not very tall and it’s easy to understand how her family may have used Lek as a family favourite, being the youngest of 4 girls in the family, however now she has probably (at last) outgrown that image.

Khwan is Cha-Am born and bred and most of the family remain in town.  She grew up on a family farming property behind where Santorini is now located and two of her sisters continue to take care of the farm.

Another sister is the ‘Toon’ of the Tom and Toon Restaurant on the corner of the beach Road and Soi Bus Station; a popular spot for Thai or western food, especially ay breakfast time.

Khwan was educated locally and says her parents were unwilling to let her loose on the wider world as a student and the youngest in the family.  She attended the Phetchaburi Rajabhat University to study Human Resources but then drifted into a combination of working in local restaurants and at the family property.  She also managed to ‘escape’ for a while travelling to Europe and particularly Germany.

Khwan is now in more of a career mode and was recently appointed at the Big C Market in Cha-Am as the Foreign Language Consultant.  Her badge at work proudly displays the message “I can speak English” and we know that’s true.  She can also understand German a little.  Big C at a number of tourist oriented locations (including Hua Hin), employ staff in such a position so that customers can ask about any particular requirement if communication problems are an issue.

Khwan is gifted with an almost constant smile and happy disposition and really a favourite personality for many expats around town.  Her position at Big C seems made for her.  She’s there 6 days a week but commented that on the day off she gets to enjoy her hobby …………….. cleaning the house!

We asked Khwan about some of the more quirky requests from her customers.  First there is the ‘where is the KFC?’ question, perhaps some confusion with Big C?  Second are requests for flour for those wishing to bake their own cakes; coming soon!

We would recommend that anyone seeking assistance with their shopping needs seek her out.

If you feel like the service was good (almost guaranteed) feedback on the Big C website will also make her (and her boss) smile even more!   Visit http://www.bigc.co.th/en/contact/ and go to the bottom of the page to add your thoughts.