Thailand as the Prime Asean Centre for Beauty Pageants

Thailand as the Prime Asean Centre for Beauty Pageants
Thailand as the Prime Asean Centre for Beauty Pageants

Thailand is increasingly becoming the prime centre for the staging of international beauty contests in Asean, a trend that a key industry player says is in line with the government’s Thailand 4.0 model to promote the tourism sector and related businesses.

Pawina Bamrungrot, managing director of Miss Aura International Co (MAI), said that the holding of beauty pageants is a business that falls under the tourism industry. Benefits to the country include money generated from sponsorships, transport, media activities and advertising. “We estimate that more than 500 million THB per year is being generated by Thailand’s hosting of beauty contest activities, working out at between 15 and 20 million THB for each content,” she said.

“That can be a starting point for boosting other related businesses, such as business travel, hotels, air and land transport service, as well as advertising and public relations. The move will reinforce the government policy, backed by the private sector, to mobilize the tourism sector in Thailand under the Thailand 4.0 economic model.” “These factors show that we are more than just an organizer of beauty pageant contents,” Pawina said.

“If you look at the overall beauty pageant contest industry in Asean, we (Thailand) are at the center of it in the region. “This is not only to seek the most beautiful and talented girls, but also to create a good image of Thailand” and to help strengthen the economy. “We are ready to help promote Thailand’s tourism industry and help the government achieve the target of driving Thailand toward the top 10 of tourism countries,” Pawina said.

– The Nation