‘WC – OK!’ for the Thailand Tourism Year of 2018

‘WC – OK!’ for the Thailand Tourism Year of 2018
‘WC – OK!’ for the Thailand Tourism Year of 2018

At Hua Hin Railway Station, Mr. Anan Wongbenjachat General Manager of Tourism Authority of Thailand, Mr. Nopporn Wutikul, Mayor of Hua Hin, Mr. Prasong Gomukkua, Head of the Railway Station, and Mrs Orasa Arwutkom, Director of Tourism Authority of Prachuap KhiriKhan have opened the Clean Public Toilets Project commencing with toilets at the Hua Hin Railway Station as a model.

There must be no foul odours and the water supply system must be ready to use with staff to maintain cleanliness all the times to ensure the convenience and safety for those using the facilities. The clean public toilet project aims to enhance tourist attractions and government facilities including railway and bus stations and airports. Hua Hin will pilot the train stations of Hua Hin and Cha Am as a ‘models’ for the project. Although Thailand already has standards that are better than many countries in Asia, the government wants to make further improvements.

The government will also encourage the private sector, including restaurants and shops to clean their toilets to serve the general public and meet international standards, with a certificate displaying “WC – O.K.” for those who join the Clean Toilet Project. Local government offices also need to maintain these standards. The project follows a January announcement by the Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism that the country’s public toilets should be clean, saying it is imperative to present a positive image to the 35 million tourists who visit the country annually.

The ministry said clean toilets go a long way towards impressing tourists. Transport authorities were asked to ensure toilets at all bus and rail stations are in immaculate condition. Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism signed off on the ASEAN Public Toilet Standard in 2016 and has since campaigned to ensure the standard is adopted by communities and travel service providers including public transport operators.