A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE “ Signature Salt Pot Muscles Melter “ @ Cenvaree Spa


I’m like most indulgent people out there and love massages. I get really tight muscles and so I’ve been having quite a few massages recently! This week, I had a massage at the Cenvaree Spa@ Centara Grand Beach Resort

I wanted to go to the Cenvaree Spa for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s at a Five Star hotel, and secondly, the Cenvaree Spa is located about 10 minutes from my home. I wanted to experience a massage at this luxury hotel, then go back to work. I was greeted by the lovely Spa Manager Khun Boulyhadar who took me through the garden and showed me the beautiful spa, offering me a cool tea and a fresh cool towel. She explained that the name Cenvaree is a combination of the name Centara and Varee which means water. When you will arrive to the spa you will see their logo “In love with life”; this place is really where you can enjoy life.

After a short discussion with the spa manager, I met my therapist.  Her name was Khun Nim and she has 15 years of experience in massage and spa. The reception of the spa looked very nice with wooden detail and calming music. Even the bathroom was relaxing.  They had Cenvaree’s own spa range of soaps and moisturizers, and proper towels in a basket which I always love.

The room we were in was lovely and smelt like ginger and lemon. More relaxation music was playing and there were candles and oils burning.  Khun Nim applied a foot scrub of sea salt and ginger then removed it with hot tea which has an antibacterial and antiseptic action. As it was the first time I tried this treatment, my therapist give me more information about it.

This therapy is locally inspired as a combination of deep tissue massage and hot salt pot compress to release tension in the shoulders and lower back muscles. Each pot contains a blend of coarse salt and medicinal herbs to provide relief to tired muscles. Therapeutic oils such as Pettigrain, Eucalyptus and Lavender penetrate deeply into muscle tissue.

My treatment started by covering me with smooth towels to protect my skin from the hot pots and to keep me warm. Khun Nim had prepared the pots beforehand so that when the treatment started they were at the right temperature.  She placed some of the pots on my energy points and some she used to massage my body. With different pressure she passed the warm pots all over my body. She used different pressure to different parts of my body to release my stress and muscle pain. The perfect massage for de-stressing and pampering yourself. I highly recommend this style of massage at Cenvaree Spa.

Book a treatment or visit their beautiful spa, as there are such lovely and professional people. The massage itself was really fantastic.  My massage wasn’t so gentle because I asked for strong pressure; this is something you will be asked at the beginning of the therapy. My therapist focused on my upper back and neck as I had asked, releasing my pain in a very kind way. Khun Nim used a bell at the end of the therapy to bring wake me up from my sweet dreams.

Book your next massage at Cenvaree Spa at Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Hua Hin and you will not regret. If you are lucky Khun Nim will take care of you. For more information visit their website www.spacenvaree.com.