Japan ‘Twitter killer’ sentenced to death

Photo: Getty Images

A man who murdered nine people after communicating with them on Twitter has been sentenced to death, in a high-profile case that has shaken Japan.

Takahiro Shiraishi dubbed the “Twitter killer” was arrested in 2017 after body parts were found in his room.

The 30-year-old had confessed to murdering and cutting his victims. Most of them were young women he met on the social media platform.

Shiraishi used Twitter to attract suicidal women to his home saying he could help them die and in some cases, claimed he would kill himself alongside them.

He strangled and dismembered eight women and one man aged 15-26. Japanese media called it the “house of horrors” after investigators discovered nine heads along with a large number of arm and leg bones stashed in refrigerator and toolboxes.

Shiraishi’s lawyer argued that he was guilty of the lesser charge of murder with consent claiming his victims had given their permission to be killed.

Shiraishi later claimed that he killed them without their permission.

On Tuesday, the judge who delivered the verdict said that none of the victims agreed to be killed.

The defendant was found to be fully responsible and should receive a great extent of punishment.

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Source: Bbc news