Agencies insist on tourists by July


Travel agencies have been urging the government to reopen Thailand to international tourists by July allowing first the countries that were free from the Covid-19 infections to enter without going through the 14-day quarantine, but will still be requiring health certificates along with a free rapid-test upon passenger’s arrival.

President of the Association of Thai Travel Agents Vichit Prakobgosol says that if the government can reopen the country within the given timeline, a possibility of 16 million international tourists including 4 million Chinese will be able to visit Thailand from July through the end of this year, as being predicted by the TAT.

It is expected that independent tourists and business travelers from China will be the first to fly in, followed by European tourists in mid October.

Last month, Thailand has removed South Korea and China from the list of ‘high risk’-infected zones. The two countries have also proved their competence in controlling the spread of the virus.

It is believed that confidence in traveling to Thailand will be strengthened if a free rapid-test upon arrival will be provided to all visitors.

“This is an opportunity to restart tourism-related activity and help drive the economy in the second half of the year, as well as extend the lifeline of tourism businesses,” Vichit added.

Source: Bangkok Post