Bumrungrad adjusted its service space to establish a truly flu-free building


The outbreak in Wuhan, China, suggests that a COVID-19 patient can spread the disease to an average of 5.7 people. If without proper screening and triage measures and clearly separate areas for patients with different groups of symptoms, COVID-19 infection and other respiratory infections are possible.

Realizing the lessons and learning from experience, Bumrungrad turned to the detached area concept and implemented it with no delay.

Bumrungrad Hospital has established a special clinic situated in an area detached from the normal service building for detecting patients whose source of infection cannot be determined. This special clinic functions as a triage point, working in isolation from other clinics to detect diseases in good time according to the strict measures of infection control to reduce the risk of contamination or extensive exposure.

Two Flu Clinics have also been set up, one for children and pregnant women and the other for adults to take care of patients with cold or flu particularly so they can get into a specialized treatment process in time before spreading it to others. This is to provide the utmost care for patients, service users, medical staff and all employees with the highest international safety standards.

In this regard, with the separate flu clinics, Bumrungrad Hospital can provide diagnosis and specialized treatment even more quickly and more effectively.  Patients also get care instructions before their trip to the hospital, while waiting for the examination and after the examination is completed.

The hospital area management’s goal is to make the Bumrungrad International Clinic Building truly a flu-free building. In this way, patients with doctors’ appointments in various clinics at BI Clinic Building will be safe, not in contact with patients with flu or their respiratory diseases. This is in accordance with the measures for coping with the most serious COVID-19 pandemic situation.

By: ThailandToday.co