Crackdown on illegal software


The Clean Up to the Countdown campaign aims to encourage top executives to legalize their corporate software before midnight on December 31, 2019.”

BSA, the Software Alliance is partnering with Thai police and chief executives on a campaign to crackdown illegal software in the workplace by the end of 2019. Many companies are still using illegal, pirated or copied computer software.

This campaign will target 10,000 companies across Thailand that is thought to be using illegal software. This includes corporations in a variety of business sectors, such as manufacturing, construction, banking and finance, engineering, architecture, media, design, IT and healthcare.

Many of these companies are known users of software, but lack license agreements from software providers.

The BSA is working with police to ramp up enforcement against corporations using illegal software and has already helped identify nearly 10,000 companies in 10 provinces suspected of using illegal software.

The solution, according to the software industry, includes a better effort by CEOs at self-policing their own use of software by corporations in Thailand. The Clean Up to the Countdown campaign is a part of Legalize and Protect initiative launched earlier this year.

So far, the initiative has helped thousands companies in Thailand legalize their software assets and protect data from malware and hackers.

Source: The Nation