ESSO Pumps out Cleaner Fuels and Petrol Station makeovers

Esso is launching cleaner diesel fuels and gasoline

Esso is launching a new line of gasoline and diesel fuels, produced with its new Synergy Fuel Technology that they claim offers 30% improved cleaning ability and engine protection. Esso says the additional benefits include improved acceleration and engine response. The Thai Esso team also says they are investing in more attractive and brighter service stations.

The Synergy Fuel Technology now applies to all Esso fuel grades in Thailand, according to Yodpong Sutatham, AP Marketing Programs Manager of ExxonMobil.

“The Synergy Fuels Technology is the new global standard for our fuels. The introduction in Thailand today is part of our global launch, with similar events already held in the Asia-Pacific region including Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Guam, Saipan and New Caledonia.”

Friendlier service and cleaner Esso petrol stations throughout Thailand

The Synergy Fuels Technology was developed at the same ExxonMobil Research and Engineering labs used by the Red Bull Formula One Racing Team, and includes dual detergents to clean engine parts such as intake valves.

Manoch Munjitjuntra, Esso Director and Retail Sales Manager at Esso (Thailand), says Esso is investing in more attractive and brighter service stations to enhance our customers’ overall experience.

All Esso service stations in Thailand will be converted to the new Synergy look. Currently, 70% of its 617 stations across Thailand have been converted to the new look with the rest to be completed by early 2020.

By: The Thaiger & The Nation                                                                                    Source: The Nation