Governor describes Phuket is slowly going into ‘coma’ stage


Phuket’s governor is requesting all business sectors as well as relevant government agencies to help bring back its economy as soon as possible after statistics proved that the province has lost more than 400 billion baht since the outbreak of Covid-19.

During a Public Health Association forum, Narong Woonciew said that Phuket has been suffering a severe crisis as the tourist it needs (which is the island’s major earner) have been kept away by the travel ban since the outbreak. told.

Mr Narong said Phuket generates 14 million tourists annually, 10 million of them were foreign tourists, arriving on 300 flights each day has dropped to 81 flights a day.

He also said that 40,000 workers had lost their jobs and even those still in work had lost 20-90% of their income, while only 30% of all hotels were still open.

Source: Bangkok Post