“Another One Bites the Dust” – 500,000 baht armed robbery busted in Bangkok

Photo: Nation Thailand

Following an armed robbery case just a few days ago, police was able to track down and arrested the suspect at his residence in Samut Prakan. Forty six-year-old Phaiboon Sara allegedly used a gun to threaten bank tellers and took off with 500,000 baht in cash at a Government Housing Bank in one of the city capital’s district.

Phaiboon allegedly told police that he hid the stolen cash at a hotel room in Sukhumvit. After a thorough search in the hotel room police found 391,390 baht in cash and the outfit worn by the suspect that was seen on the bank’s CCTV.

Phaiboon confessed to the robbery at GH Bank in Bangbon district, but claims he only used a plastic gun to threaten the bank tellers. He also told police that he disposed the gun before hopping on a public van and flee the area.

Source: The Thaiger