‘K Powdered Milk’ chemist busted in Bangkok

Photo: The Pattaya News

Cho Yi Sen alyas ‘Lupin Taiwan’, Taiwanese drug dealer was arrested in the Ratchathewi district of Bangkok on 25 Jan, for being the creator of the deadly ‘K powdered milk’ that caused several deaths in the capital recently.

Suwat Chaengyodsuk the deputy national police chief revealed that national police had previously found K powdered milk hidden in a food box ready to be delivered to the United Arab Emirates in October 2020.

The drug contained a mixture of ketamine and crystal methamphetamine.

The sender uses a fictitious name and was secretly relocating between luxurious condominiums in Bangkok areas such as Lumpini, Rama 9, Town in Town, Ramkhamhaeng, and Sukhumvit.

The investigation eventually led to the identification and the arrest of the suspect, in one of his condominiums.

Authorities discovered various kinds of illegal drugs, including Ketamine, MDMA, and drug mixing equipment in his rooms.

A formula for making K powdered milk was also found noted in his mobile phone.

According to interrogation, Chou claimed that he was a drug mixer and dealer for foreign customers. He had ordered 280 grams of cocaine and 80 grams of cannabis from the United States to be shipped to Taiwan.

However, Taiwan authorities issued an arrest warrant against Chou for drug possession before he fled to Thailand in 2013.

Using a fake passport and resumed his business here using the dark web and bitcoin. He changed his identification numerous times to deceive Thai law enforcement.

The alleged drug dealer is now being detained under the watchful eyes of the National Police.

Original writer: Nop Meechukhun
Source: Thepattayanews