Rambo in Pattaya shot at police, then self-terminate


A 25-year old American at a gun-shooting range suddenly ran away with a stolen 9mm Glock gun with staff unable to stop him from escaping on his motorbike.

After being notified, the anti-crime unit of over 50 officers went on a pursue, following the suspect to a residential building in central Pattaya, where he had locked himself. The suspect started to open-fire at the police injuring a 31-year-old journalist from Channel 3 News.

Report said that journalist Tiwakorn Kritsmanee suffered only a minor injury on the left foot and was later discharged from the hospital.

The suspect remained locked inside the building for several hours, while police repeatedly tried to persuade him to surrender.

The man refuses to give up or even negotiate with a translator. Finally, after a long stand-off with the officers, a special response team stormed the building but found that the suspect had already shot himself dead in a bedroom.

Source: The Thaiger
Photos: The Pattaya News