“Where is your mask? Migrant got arrested of drug trafficking instead”


Boarder Security set up check points around villages near the Myanmar boarder to monitor migrants in the area who might be infected by the Covid-19 from the neighbouring country.

On 19 Nov, Acting District Officer Wirojh Chukwae issued an arrest of a Burmese woman identified as Aye Mu, 46 years old who sped away from a check point. Aye is a migrant with a proper pink I.D card and is legally working at a rubber plantation in the area.

Officers at the check point wanted to stop Aye to remind her to wear mask as she wasn’t wearing one at that time, but Aye became nervous and suddenly sped away instead.

Later after her arrest, police found 2 plastic bags of mitragyna speciosa, a form of illegal substance weighing 8kg, hidden under Aye’s motorbike seat.

Aye Mu confessed to the police that she bought the drugs from a drug agency in Myanmar at 500 baht per kg and intended to sell it to a Thai factory for 2,000 baht per kg.

Aye Mu is now under the custody of the authorities waiting for prosecution.