‘Reopen Thailand now before it’s too late’- Govt warned

Suvarnabhumi airport

Head of a panel steering the economic recovery, Pailin Chuchottaworn said on Monday that the government should reopen the country now in order to prevent it from collapsing.

He said that despite the lockdown having been gradually eased six times, the country’s output would not improve unless the country reopens, albeit with precautionary measures.

Pailin further explained that this year’s annual GDP is predicted to fall to minus 8-10%, resulting to the country’s loss of 1.5-1.7 trillion baht in a one year.

If Thailand could not find a way to reopen its borders for the upcoming high season in the fourth and final quarter of this year, the STV scheme may have to be scrapped, he said.

“Currently, tourism is an important priority,” Mr Pailin stressed.

“If the country does not reopen, it will be hard for GDP to grow because the country’s economy depends mainly on the tourism industry and exports.”

The fourth-quarter season was vital and airlines needed to make their flight schedules in advance, Mr Pailin said.

If no steps were taken soon to reopen Thailand during the peak season, there would be no time to schedule incoming flights and if it reopened any time after that, it would be too late.

Original writer: Chatrudee Theparat
Source: Bangkok Post