Thai Baht continues to plunge over fears of the Covid-19 abroad


The Thai baht has continues to weaken against leading international currencies, trading at 31.70 to the US$ in yesterday’s trade. The falls reflect regional concern over the coronavirus spreading beyond China. In the past few days both central South Korea and parts of northern Italy have reported outbreaks of the virus.

Kasikorn Research Centre reported the Baht had weakened along with the Chinese Yuan and other regional currencies amid concerns about the Covid-19 outbreak.

The SET also plunged along with other Asian stocks due to concerns over the spread of the virus. In addition, the Baht fell on technical selling orders after it broke the 31.50 Baht / US Dollar level.

ign selling orders for Thai stocks and bonds pressured the baht sentiment, according to the Kasikorn report. The US Dollar also rose on positive data on the US economy.

Last Friday, the Baht had closed at 31.62 / US Dollar, having hit an eight month low of 31.69 Baht/USD.

Up to the end of this week, KBank expects the baht to move within a range of 31.40-32 baht/USdollar. Key factors to be monitored closely are Thai export data for January, the Bank of Thailand’s monthly economic report and the ongoing coronavirus situation, according to the Kasikorn Research Centre report.

Source: The Thaiger