Letter to the editor, everytime there is a decent downpour, the Phetchakasim Road

Letter to the editor, everytime there is a decent downpour, the Phetchakasim Road
Letter to the editor, everytime there is a decent downpour, the Phetchakasim Road

Traditionally newspapers around the world have published letters received from readers with their opinions about a variety of subjects. Hua Hin Today often receives emails from our readers or comments posted on Facebook pages. Thanks for your contributions! Our readers are always encouraged to provide a point of view however we ignore aggressive, abusive or defamatory comments. editor@huahintoday. com The condition of the main road accessing Black Mountain and surrounds has drawn a call for help. Flooding around the western end of Soi 112 is also described as a big issue. We’ll pass these comments on to the relevant authorities and look for an early response. “We would like to request anyone who is responsible for the road in Hin Lek Fai district to fix the road. Those who travel are very suffering. It has been very long time more than a year. This BAD road from Nong Hieng School up to the black mountain and through Hua Hin International School and reach to by pass road (about 6 kilometers). We do hope that someone who is responsible will take care of this road, please.” Pook “Everytime there is a decent downpour, the Phetchakasim Road around the end of Soi 112 becomes flooded and driving around the area becomes a nightmare. The authorities seem well aware that this will happen with water pumping equipment quickly on the scene. However there really needs to be a prevention plan to resolve this ongoing problem. As a frequent commuter in the area; Help!” Emile

A decision by the British Embassy to stop the pension letters service has provoked numerous responses with some examples shown below:

  • Jeez, think I’ll plan on retiring in Laos.
  • This has been stopped because Thai immigration will not accept British Embassy verification of Incomes.
  • The other interesting thing is that in 2004 when the baht was 70 to the pound, I required 65000B monthly. Today when the baht hovers around 42, I still need 65000B monthly surely there should be some parity.
  • The British Embassy charges over 2000 baht and will only do it by post! However some people have an income derived from various sources, such as rental income, fixed term deposit interest, other investments.
  • The British know how to look after their citizens!! Why bother having an Embassy at all?
  • This is NOT due to the British Embassy it is due to the Thai Immigration service.