Traditionally newspapers around the world

Traditionally newspapers around the world
Traditionally newspapers around the world

Traditionally newspapers around the world have published letters received from
readers with their opinions about a variety of subjects.

Hua Hin Today often receives emails from our readers or comments posted on Facebook pages. Thanks for your contributions! Our readers are always encouraged to provide a point of view however we ignore aggressive, abusive or defamatory comments. In this month’s edition is an article about the suspension of the ferry linking Hua Hin and Pattaya however our Facebook page also released this information on the day it was released. Here are the ‘Top Ten’ comments about that news with a variety of opinions!

1. Hua Hin is missing out on a lot of visitors from being isolated. Ferry is a loss for
me what would be much better is a fast train Bangkok to Phuket that stopped at Hua Hin.
2. Visitors from Pattaya are a different type of visitor; rather have visitors from other
3. Passenger and car ferry would make so much more sense.
4. Pretty lame they use that as an excuse. Call it as it is and/or just reduce the
frequency of trips like other operations do in low season.
5. Too expensive anyway
6. No wonder TAT had a fit, according to them numbers are booming
7. Maybe they’ve overlooked the simple demographics of this self-proclaimed new
wave of year-round, better-quality tourists?
8. This doesn’t directly reflect tourist numbers but rather the service.
9. The cost of this service is high if you travel as a group or family.
10. As with previous attempts, and no doubt future ones, no real hard feasibility
study, just suck-it-and-see.