Accademia Italiana Fashion Show in Bangkok

Accademia Italiana Fashion Show in Bangkok
Accademia Italiana Fashion Show in Bangkok
Accademia Italiana Fashion Show in Bangkok

Talking with Dr. Vincenzo Giubba, the President and Founder of Accademia Italiana

“There is no denying that we love all things Italian! Food, cars and fashion top of the list, but the latest Italian import that’s got us buzzing is ‘design education’.

Q: How did you get into the design education industry?

A: I have a doctorate degree in architecture, but I have worked in the fashion world as well. I saw a need for an international design during the 80’s design boom, I established Accademia Italiana in Florence in 1984. Its success soon prompted the opening of one more campus in Rome and a third one in Bangkok in 2007.

Q: Tell us about Accademia Italina Bangkok. What is your vision and what inspired the idea to establish another campus in the heart of Thailand?

A: We opened the third campus in Bangkok in 2007. Our institute in Bangkok is located in the very heart of city’s central business district. Bangkok is an important reference point in the Orient because here there is potential that can give an innovative contribution to international design, here the young people are greatly motivated and there is a huge interest in this field and in the applied arts. Young designers in Thailand can help Thai industry to grow and to acquire a primary role on the worldwide scene. As we already had several connections and affiliations with Thai institutions, it was relatively easy to set up.

Q: What strategic partnerships strategies have you implemented that have attributed to Accademia Italiana’s success?

A: The young designers of Accademia Italiana have had many opportunities to collaborate with some of the most prestigious brand names in the world, and this international recognition underlines the value of the professional preparation provided. From Cavalli to Prada, Gucci to Calvin Klein, Vivienne Westwood to Burberry, many young designers and photographers have been introduced into the working world with these famous names and many others. Most importantly, every year our students get the chance to show off their creativity and technical capabilities.

The yearend event always includes a fashion show and an exhibition of Graphic, Interior and Industrial design works. On this special day, students will compete to create their very own line for F. Fashion as well as get to present their final ranges to their families and friends, the public and industry during a professional live fashion show which highlights all students’ work across the semesters. The lucky winner will receive a cash prize and will get to design an individual collection for F. Fashion.

Thanks to the support of Fashion TV, one of the most widely distributed satellite channels in the world, the event is broadcast to the public with worldwide coverage. The fashion show is the prime example of our aims and objectives in the course which are to identify and develop the talents and interests of each student, polish their technical skills, and introduce them to real-life fashion design environments.