All-Day Dining at the Wanawaree Restaurant

All-Day Dining at the Wanawaree Restaurant
All-Day Dining at the Wanawaree Restaurant

The Wora Wana Hotel and Convention Centre is not only one of Hua Hin’s undiscovered resort experiences but the home of one of Hua Hin’s undiscovered fine restaurants; the Wanawaree.

Our exploration of the facilities would never have been complete without taking the opportunity to meet chef Patcharaporn Pumpuang (Khun Aor) and experiencing the four new dishes just added to the international range of culinary choices. The restaurant serves a creative and unique all-day-dining menu which exquisitely prepared by this chef with more than 10 years’ experience.

Khun Aor, Wanawaree Chef Like the rest of the Wora Wana facilities this is a big contemporary restaurant well able to manage large groups with a capacity of 120 diners, apart from those who just drop by any time of the day or evening. The four dishes presented for our light, fresh and refreshing lunch were grilled lemongrass chicken with tomato salad, stir-fried river prawns in lemongrass sauce, fried rice with mackerel and Thai herbs and deep-fried sea bass with Thai herbs. Lemongrass was certainly not the only fresh Thai herb present, however as a common ingredient in many Thai dishes, vital in providing a zesty lemon flavour and aroma.

Sea bass has a mild, yet delicious flavour and was cooked until the skin is browned and crispy without overcooking, so that the meat was opaque with an even colour and flaked easily with a fork. After lunch there was an opportunity to retire to the Lobby Lounge to take in the tranquil atmosphere and relaxing blue pool view with a favoured drink before the delightful lunch experience was over.

The Wanawaree Restaurant not only allows convention goers to add a fine culinary experience to their participation in the day’s event but also gives the ‘foodies’ of Hua Hin yet another location where their palates can be refreshed with the fresh tastes and flavours of the region.

Where: Wanawaree Restaurant at the Wona Wana Resort and Convention Centre Soi 97 Hua Hin between Phetcha-kasim Road (south) and Kho Takiab.
Open: All day (and evening) dining from 11 AM. Contact: Tel: +66(0) 32 523 899
Fax: +66(0) 32 523 890