Aun’s Baguettes – ‘Let Them Eat Cake ………………. and Bread

Aun’s Baguettes – ‘Let Them Eat Cake ………………. and Bread
Aun’s Baguettes – ‘Let Them Eat Cake ………………. and Bread

Aun’s Baguettes’ opened on 19th April, filling a big gap in the daytime coffee, bread and sweet offerings available in downtown Cha-Am.

Jettapon Yoswichai or Khun Aun to his friends, is well versed in this style of casual indulgence. He has a 10 year background from early beginnings at his Thai restaurant in Hua Hin. The positive responses from his customers to a part-time interest in baking convinced him that this should be the focus of his future culinary efforts. It’s apparent that changes in the tastes of Thai customers towards the ‘coffee culture’ needed to be accommodated and now 50% of his customers are Thai.

The coffee part of the business is taken very seriously with a huge range of coffee styles and flavours on offer as well as iced coffee, chocolate drinks, fruit juice, frappe and smoothies and teas. Staff training in the art of the barista has included a trip to Ko Samui to take barista ‘master classes’ there. By opening from 7 AM, Khun Aun caters for breakfast as well as the brunch, lunch or afternoon tea needs of locals and visitors to Cha-Am. Mind you this means a 2 AM start everyday for him to ensure fresh bread is available daily. Almost all visitors will head towards the beach down Narathip Road at some stage during their stay, so with plenty of offroad parking, indoor and outdoor seating, Aun’s is very visible and very convenient.

To accompany the coffee culture there is a full range of European comfort food which is all prepared daily on the premises with pasta, soup, salads, English and American breakfast sets on the menu. However, front and centre is a range of freshly baked bread in various shapes, sizes and styles, including the traditional baguette, widely considered to be the quintessential French bread. There’s also Rye bread, Bavarian Bread, Multi-seed Bread, Marathon Bread, Ciabatta Bread and Wholemeal Bread just to name just a few. There’s a delightful range of packaged homemade cookies to take home for a later snack.

You may choose from a wide range of bread roll fillings and if eating on the run is really necessary, take-away is available with quick and service. More than 400 years of practice, a French revolution and much more have gone into making the baguette the bread we all know and love today. Khun Aun knows the business, many of his customers, and has the expertise for a bright future. Queen Marie Antoinette may well have declared “let them eat cake”, but at Aun’s Baguettes that’s not the only choice. Where: Narathip Road, Cha-Am; on the left heading from the main traffic lights half way towards the beach. Open: 7 AM to 6 PM everyday. Contact: 032 470 205 Facebook: Aun’s Baguettes