Award Winning Thai Fashion Designers

Award Winning Thai Fashion Designers
Award Winning Thai Fashion Designers

A dress by a Thai design team made of the traditional checker-print sarong fabric commonly worn by Thai grandpas in rural areas has scooped up two awards in the 20th World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) in Los Angeles.

Thai designers Pikul Choompol and Sarinpat Jundawong have produced something really fashionable. Their “Pha Khao Ma Dress” was well-received at the annual competition hosted at Long Beach Performing Arts Center in mid July. The dress has won in two categories: Exceptional Designer and World Exceptional Costume. Whilst these famous designers are making their mark on the red carpet, there are many other names worth checking out if you are looking for something special.


Disaya trained in London and this comes through in her designs, the embellishments of Thailand accompanied by a hint of British practicality, with the best of Europe’s fabrics and the intricacy of Thai craftsmanship. Her most famous piece to date is the dress worn by Amy Winehouse on the front of her ‘Back to Black’ album.


Flynow launched a small ladies’ wear collection back in 1983 before growing to be one of Thailand’s first fashion brands to make its name in the international arena. Flynow’s avant-garde style appeals to those opting for a smart, sophisticated look. You will find everything from classic modern dresses to accessories, such as leather bags, belts and shoes.


Sretsis is still going strong after 10 years; these three sisters (Sretsis is sisters backwards) work with silk, chiffon, satin and great prints to create glamorous clothes that are not just reserved for special occasions. With 25 seamstresses in their Bangkok Headquarters, Sretsis has many pieces that are hand-finished, guaranteeing high quality.


‘Expect the unexpected’ could be a motto of this iconic fashion brand. Fusing dynamic cuts, sharp lines and vivid-coloured prints, Zenithorial is anything but boring. The brand is the epitome of individuality, catering especially to those bold enough to wear ‘I’m different’ on their sleeves.