Baan Chok – Appealing to All the Senses

Baan Chok – Appealing to All the Senses
Baan Chok – Appealing to All the Senses

A dark and stormy day really needed a setting to offset such a dreary outlook. The combination of an expansive vista across the lawns past majestic trees to the adjoining seaside and the open sunlit spaces of the Baan Chok Cafe & Eatery provided that relief with grey skies soon forgotten. Open spaces and an expansive outlook to the ocean Baan Chok replicates an historic family home and retains the traditional colonial feel and look by design and retention of the gardens which are clearly visible through full length glazed openings leading to the beachfront.

The restaurant is set within the They Talay Estate alongside the BaBa Beach Club, residential villas, condominiums, hotel and commercial spaces. The estate has over 110 Rai of land on 160 metres of coastline between Hua Hin and Cha-Am. In recognition of the significance of this Estate, Thew Talay is the only local nomination and one of two nominations for Thailand’s Best Mixed Use Development Award soon to be announced at the 2018 Thailand Property Awards.

Baan Chok now offers a relaxed and casual dining experience for They Talay residents but also for visiting diners. It also offers a venue for private gatherings or corporate gatherings with second level meeting rooms and facilities. Preparations were on hand to set the scene for around 50 guests the day after our visit with the lawns ready to be bathed in light and a DJ to provide entertainment from the stage and ocean backdrop.

Our selection from the extensive menu of contemporary cuisine proved to be another antidote to the grey skies. First a giant pizza with half ’n’ half toppings of bright green pesto chicken and the Thai tastes of Tom Yang Goong. This hot and sour Thai dish is typically a soup cooked with shrimp but proved to be an unexpected but ideal pizza topping with all the signature spicy flavours. The Baan Chok menu features international dishes with a touch of Thailand, although traditional Thai items are also available. Grilled salmon salad with soy lime dressing, spaghetti with crab, tomato and cream sauce topped with grated parmesan soon followed; each with subtle and balanced flavours. Our advice at this point is to restrain your appetite for the specialty desserts which are all freshly made in-house.

Presentation is a key to the success of any dessert with the visual appearance heralding some delectable taste sensations. Vanilla panna cotta served with raspberry sorbet, caramel sauce & froy – tong topping, chocolate fondant and vanilla icecream then Thai tea crepe cake and meringue lemon mousse tart all proved the point that dessert at Baan Chok really are special. There’s an extensive wine, cocktail and other ‘adult’ drink menu available but to add we chose to go with fruity cool drink alternatives. Amongst the selection is iced coconut mocha, sri-trus (pineapple, mango, mint & lime) and a carrot, banana, pineapple, orange, honey ‘power bunny’. Once again attractive colours proved to be a stimulant to the palate as restaurateurs worldwide are well aware.

Dining at Baan Chok is a delightful experience, both visually and to satisfy the palate. Perhaps that’s as a forerunner to one of the regular BaBa Beach Club ‘Playlist’ musical events, to celebrate a special event or to just to savour a relaxed fine dining excursion. After the meal there is an opportunity to stroll along the sands to complete the Baan Chok Cafe & Eatery

Where: Within the Thew Talay Estate; look for the 196 kilometre marker on Phetchakasim Road around 20 kilometres north of Hua Hin.
Contact: E-mail: huahin@bababeachclub. com, phone 032-899130
Open: Week days from 11 AM, weekends from 7 AM