Bakery Terrace, Its’ Just Like Coming Home

Bakery Terrace
Bakery Terrace
Bakery Terrace
Bakery Terrace

You may have childhood memories of visiting a special aunty, knowing that if you display your best manners there would be delectable treats awaiting. Where you could explore and around every corner there were surprises that kept you wide eyed. Later in adult life it became a place of fond memories and warmth and always your favourite place to take time-out with your family. The Bakery Terrace Family Restaurant offers that sort of experience plus. First and foremost it’s family-friendly and with garden areas and outside games to play, the kids won’t be in anyone’s way or disturbing adults.

The entertainment options are unusual in old-fashioned way. No video or electronic games, but wooden puzzles and games, a place to putt golf balls and even a table football game that kids probably haven’t seen before. Inside there’s an eclectic art display that’s hard to categorise. You can’t really put a label on a style that includes a classic Van Gogh portrait alongside Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s soup cans and even Mona Lisa; but somehow it works. There’s a menu that offers mostly Thai food including many seafood and noodle dishes at plus or minus 100 THB, but with enough Western food for foreign diners and especially breakfast choices. Early morning (from eight AM) or mid-morning customers are frequent. Special occasions, including corporate gatherings are also catered for in an informal atmosphere. But the real delicacies are of the sweet variety.

They are on display rather than on the menu and appealing to the eye apart from the palate. A specialty includes ‘custom-made’ cakes of all shapes and sizes for celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries and the like. There’s a culinary artist in the family who creates cake decoration ‘portraits’ on order; unique 3 D presentations. Your own cupcake design can also be made to order with a recent order of 500 just completed for one special event. Two Thai sisters are in charge with previous similar ventures with the same business name in Bangkok and Chiang Mai going back to 2004. Our host was Khun Lek (Apivan Wongkhalaung); although Khun Dang (Unchalee Wongkhalaung) would be regarded as the real baker with over 20 years’ experience in this specialist culinary artl.

Our appointment with Khun Lek needed to be after 5 PM. Much to our surprise this enterprising and energetic lady has a very different ‘string’ to her professional career ‘bow’; she manages to balance this business interest with being the Director of Nursing at San Paulo Hua Hin Hospital! Perhaps the management duties at Bakery Terrace provide her with some light relief away from the stresses of a medical environment. Bakery Terrace Family Restaurant combines the best ingredients of atmosphere, visual attractions and individuality as an alternative to the mainstream. It’s a relaxing oasis which has a growing regular following who have found their home away from home. Where: Soi 37 is behind Golden Place. 100 metres away from Petchakasem Road, it has easy access with door front parking.

Easy to get-to, though unlikely to be found by accident.

Open: Everyday 8 AM to 8 PM.
Contact: Phone 02 441 9150