A Belgian Food and Beer Marathon In Thailand

A Belgian Food and Beer Marathon In Thailand
A Belgian Food and Beer Marathon In Thailand
 A Belgian Food and Beer Marathon In Thailand
A Belgian Food and Beer Marathon In Thailand

Rumour has it that in Belgium food and beer marathons are regular occurrences. Belgian food is legendary with more Michelin star restaurants per head of population than any other country. Also famous is the country’s beer, winning multiple international awards with a culture that believes more in matching food and beer than food and wine. As an initiative of the Belgian Ambassador to Thailand, His Excellency Mr Marc Michielsen and the cooperation of partners in Bangkok, Hua Hin and Phuket, the 1st Belgian Food and Beer Marathon is now underway.

This will celebrate 110 years of diplomatic presence in Thailand by the Kingdom of Belgium. The Hua Hin ‘leg’ is happening from 10th to 16th November. We were privileged to attend the Bangkok Ambassadorial residence of Mr Michielsen for the Marathon launching, to meet the partners and to get a taste of what’s to come. Perhaps something like a training run before the main event! Mr Michielsen and the Ambassadorial staff were gracious hosts at a most gracious residence.

There has been Belgian diplomatic and consular representation in Thailand since 1884 and this elegant building, designed by an Italian architect, has been in use since 1927. It’s something was a colonial outpost set in lush green gardens for a tropical climate in what is now a busy commercial district.

The five partners for the marathon are all well-schooled in the art of Belgian cuisine. 

• Blue Elephant Cooking School and Restaurant Bangkok – ‘Royal Thai cuisine with a Belgian touch’.
• Millennium Hilton Bangkok – Guest Chef Koen Lefever has come from Belgium to serve Belgium’s best.
• Brasserie Grill, Wine Bar & Oyster Bar – Belgium’s finest dishes in Phuket. La Paillote is the venue for more Belgian cuisine in a true Belgian setting in Hua Hin from 10th to 16th November. The General Manager of La Paillote Gaston Pousset and Marketing Manager Khun Premyuda Pousset were at the Bangkok launch getting their final instructions from the Coach, Mr Michielsen. No real need for any tuition however with La Paillote already well-established as a fine cuisine destination in town.

Here’s what the La Paillote will be offering: Chicken Waterzooi from the City of Gent. Meat balls with tomato sauce from the City of Liege. Carrot Stoemp from the City of Brussels.

Apart from this daily menu, special events are also planned: 

• From 10th November – a Belgo-Thai Fritkot; an ouside eating experience in front of the Restaurant.
• 11th, 13th and 15th November – Mussel days with 9 different tastes.
• 12th & 14th November – Leffe Days; with blond and dark brown beer complementing Flemish beef stew, pork fillet and Leffe Radieuse.
• 16th November – Belgian-Thai Fusion at the Sala Thai, a new Thai fine cuisine restaurant by La Paillete. Finally Brewberry Co. Ltd. is providing Belgian beers such as Stella Artois, Hoegaarden and Leffe Blonde to the ‘Marathon’ team.

The message is, get into training and be ready to join the Belgian Food and Beer Marathon.
Then you’ll understand why Belgian cuisine deserves the worldwide reputation it enjoys.

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