Here is a Brief Description of Each Character

Here is a Brief Description of Each Character
Here is a Brief Description of Each Character

Sophia is a dreamer. She is full of generosity and has a gentle heart. Sophia tends to have a taste of sweet (ice cream or cakes) in times of stress. Many of Sophia’s friends call her “The Hi-so girl”. The colour tone of her outfits is mostly in pastel colour. She is an expert at mixing & matching clothes and accessories, which makes her a very attractive sweet girl.
Gigie is what we call “a trend seeker.” If you ask her about newest trends – straight and fresh from runways, she knows it all. She has a great talent for mixing & matching outfits – which makes her stand out of the crowed.

Colourful & Bright clothes pair with printed or stripes never create a fashion disaster for her because she knows how to do it fashionably. She will find an opportunity to shine wherever and whenever she goes. All the eyes will be set upon this girl “Gigie, The Fashionista.”
Sasha is an heir of an automobile business family. She spends much of her time travelling with her father overseas for business. Because of her business, it automatically create a reliable & good personality. She never leaves her house without a blazer, which she usually pairs it with pants or skirts – a perfect combination. She can also carry an expensive look by wearing a dress to a gala dinner & becomes a center of the attention everytime.

Ruby is a nature lover. She likes to think of effects on nature and how to preserve it. If there’s a non-profit organization for saving
trees, she is a member of it. Ruby travels a lot with her best friend, a pug dog in her vintage car. Her car has become a favourite item for many people – they all want the same type of car. Ruby may seem to be easy-going but you should never pick on her. She would never hesitate to take it back on you. She has her own sense of style, doesn’t follow a mainstream trend. A nice fitted shirt or blouse with fitted pants are just enough for her to wear on daily basis.

Emily is the most creative girl in the group. She dreams to be a successful interior designer – by aiming to install automatic switches for house chores in every households. This idea is inspired by her laziness. She thinks that we all should spend our time doing creative things rather than doing house chores. When she leaves her house, she chooses a loose tee-shirt with cool prints and pair it with a nice pair of jeans – an active look, ready for any occasions. Kate is friendly & has a very persuasive personality. Whoever gets to chat with her, always tends to believe what she says. Because of her special skills, she started her small business since she was in school.
She is an attractive woman and that’s what makes her popular and is always invited to all the cool parties. Her outfits focus on her curves and shapes to create a sex appeal. Accessories are worn to increase the attention too.

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